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Materials Science of Thin Films, Third Edition: Deposition and Structure

Atomic layer deposition of L-Alanine polypeptide.


J Am Chem Soc. A novel two-step ammonia-free atomic layer deposition approach for boron nitride. Hydrophilic ePTFE membranes with highly enhanced water permeability and improved efficiency for multipollutant control. Ind Eng Chem Res. Biomimetic membrane simulation for water desalination.

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Durable titania films for solar treatment of biomethanated spent wash. Russ J Phys Chem A. Vanadia—titania thin films for photocatalytic degradation of formaldehyde in sunlight. Appl Catal A Gen.

Wastewater treatment using highly functional immobilized TiO 2 thin-film photocatalysts. In: Pichat P, editor. Photocatalysis and Water Purification.

Nano-engineered coatings and thin films: from design to applications

Wiley Online Library; Nanocoating thin film applications on water treatment. Mater Today Proc. Unusual air filters with ultrahigh efficiency and antibacterial functionality enabled by ZnO nanorods. J Membr Sci. Applications of thin coatings in automotive industry. Atomic layer deposition-based functionalization of materials for medical and environmental health applications. Dynamic modeling for the design and cyclic operation of an atomic layer deposition ALD reactor. Enhanced ionic transport mechanism by gramicidin a confined inside nanopores tuned by atomic layer deposition.

Precision in harsh environments. Microsys Nanoeng. Sputtering onto a liquid: interesting physical preparation method for multi-metallic nanoparticles. Fabrication of honeycomb films by the breath figure technique and their applications.

Interfacial engineering of two-dimensional nano-structured materials by atomic layer deposition. Appl Surf Sci. Spatial atmospheric atomic layer deposition: a new laboratory and industrial tool for low-cost photovoltaics. Mater Horiz. Surface modification and fabrication of 3D nanostructures by atomic layer deposition. MRS Bull. Controlled pore structure modification of diatoms by atomic layer deposition of TiO 2. J Mater Chem.

Texture Evolution During Thin Film Deposition | SpringerLink

A carbon-based 3D current collector with surface protection for Li metal anode. Nano Res. Gyroid-structured 3D ZnO networks made by atomic layer deposition. Adv Funct Mater.

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Multifunctional 3D nanoarchitectures for energy storage and conversion. Chem Soc Rev. Atomic and molecular layer deposition: off the beaten track. Chem Comm. Low-temperature thermal and plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of metal oxide thin films. Advantages and challenges of plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition [doctoral dissertation]. Ghent University; Review of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition: technical enabler of nanoscale device fabrication. Jpn J Appl Phys. Deposition of TiN and HfO 2 in a commercial mm remote plasma atomic layer deposition reactor.

On the physical and chemical details of alumina atomic layer deposition: a combined experimental and numerical approach. Reactor scale simulation of an atomic layer deposition process. Chem Eng Res Des. Numerical and experimental studies of atomic layer deposition for sustainability improvement.

Effects of gap size, temperature and pumping pressure on the fluid dynamics and chemical kinetics of in-line spatial atomic layer deposition of AL 2 O 3. Experimental and numerical investigations into the transient multi-wafer batch atomic layer deposition process with vertical and horizontal wafer arrangements. Reactor scale simulation of atomic layer deposition.

Multiple scale integrated modeling of deposition processes.

Modeling multiscale effects on transients during chemical vapor deposition. Surf Coat Technol. A multiscale simulator for low pressure chemical vapor deposition. Predictive modeling of atomic layer deposition on the feature scale. Reaction factorization for the dynamic analysis of atomic layer deposition kinetics. Chem Eng Sci. Numerical simulation and verification of gas transport during an atomic layer deposition process.

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Mater Sci Semicond Process. Scale-up analysis of continuous cross-flow atomic layer deposition reactor designs. Butterworth-Heinemann; Transport phenomena in chemical vapor-deposition systems In: Poulikakos D, editor. Advances in heat transfer. Molecular velocity distribution at large Knudsen numbers. Fluid mechanics. Application of lattice boltzmann method in fluid flow and heat transfer In: Minin O, editor.

Computational fluid dynamics technologies and applications. Croatia: IntechOpen; Monte Carlo simulations of atomic layer deposition on 3D large surface area structures: required precursor exposure for pillar- versus hole-type structures. Conformality of plasma-assisted ALD: physical processes and modeling.

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  3. The Structure of Complex Atoms and the Changes of Mass and Weight Involved in Their Formation!

Atomistic kinetic Monte Carlo study of atomic layer deposition derived from density functional theory. J Comput Chem. Molecular dynamics: with deterministic and stochastic numerical methods. Cham Switzerland : Springer International Publishing; Nanoporous graphene as a water desalination membrane. Numerical modeling of carrier gas flow in atomic layer deposition vacuum reactor: A comparative study of lattice Boltzmann models. Molybdenum disulfide and water interaction parameters. J Chem Phys.

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The art of molecular dynamics simulation. Molecular dynamics simulations: advances and applications. The ReaxFF reactive force-field: development, applications and future directions. NPJ Comput Mater. Density functional theory study of atomic layer deposition of Zinc Oxide on Graphene. Nanoscale Res Lett.