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The laser-induced Zeeman effect depends on the energy-momentum state of the atom. But the lasers alone do not provide a lattice because the atomic energy levels are not shifted periodically in space. Radiofrequency RF radiation is the missing ingredient for the magnetic or Zeeman lattice. The scientists verify that the atoms experience an effective lattice by inspecting their velocity and spin distribution after releasing them from the atom trap.

In the presence of the Raman magnetic field, the researchers switch on and then off the RF field, which briefly flashes on the lattice. The atoms are accelerated into higher momentum motional states by the lattice, giving rise to the appearance of extra clouds. This is called matter-wave diffraction and is shown in Figure 2 still image and movie available. Why not use real magnets instead of lasers? The atomic system in sensitive to energy and how that energy is applied is only a matter of choice. In contrast, the technology to control laser fields is inherently simple.

To simulate the physics of a 2D electron gas in an intense magnetic field the team proposes generalizing these experiments to the two-dimensional Zeeman lattice. Skip to main content.

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How Three Spatial Dimensions Affect the Size of Atoms in Our Universe - Doc Physics

LeBlanc , Ross A. Williams , Matthew C. Beeler , Abigail R.

Researchers sew atomic lattices seamlessly together

Perry , Ian B. Spielman , Phys. Media Contact. Ian Spielman. Related JQI Articles.

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  2. Researchers sew atomic lattices seamlessly together;
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    Finite size analogue of a heavy Fermi liquid in an atomic scale Kondo lattice

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    Photonic band structure of two-dimensional atomic lattices

    From the journal: Transactions of the Faraday Society. The lattice spacings of substitutional solid solutions. The first page of this article is displayed as the abstract. You have access to this article. Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong. Try again? Cited by.